Sister Ezrii

Ezrii has an elven appearance, long red hair, and almost always wears enchanted plate armor that has a fantasy female plate armor cliché appearance. Fortunately she has the unearthly beauty necessary to pull off that look.


One of the six ship captians of The SS Chimera, she represents the Star Aliance along with Elle.


See the Bio section in Star Sisters for explanation of terminology.

Parents: Adora, Teela, and their four husbands.

Brothers: Eldest Twine [Dwian (Elder, Deceased) & Dorian (Younger, Mated)], Elder Twine [Kyle (Elder, Mated) & Kaylin (Younger, Of age)], Elder Twine [Tom (Elder, Of Age) & Tim (Younger, Mated)], Erik (Younger Twine, Of Age) Juvenile

Her Matra, Teela, is a Colonel in the Star Sisters’ military while her Mater, Adora, is a highly successful merchant. Unlike her Matra, Ezrii is fairly reserved and shy. She idolizes her older Sister, Kaylin, who has recently made a name for herself by going out adventuring and coming back with a bunch of metal. High-grade steel to be exact.

Dwain is the family tragedy, and he is rarely spoken of. It was shortly after the conception of what was to be Kaylin’s twine while the happy family was walking home from an outing with their sons, when Dwain suddenly ‘Went Running’ both literally and figuratively. The sudden onset of Dwain’s hereditary insanity, coupled with its unusual level of ferocity, allowed him to initially break away from his mothers, and before they could stop him he literally ran screaming in front of a cart trotting down the street. Before the startled driver even realized what was happening, Dwain had been run over and lay dead. It was a great time of sadness for the family that was finally broken with the arrival of Kaylin’s linked twine.

Ezrii idolizes her big sister Kaylin, whose martial prowess is virtually peerless. Kaylin is also a very talented glass sculptor, and is a master at making Star Sister arms and armaments. Ezrii is practically in awe of Kaylin’s skills, and loves her for being willing to teach her all she knows. While Ezrii’s martial skills are not near as great as those of Kaylin, she is her equal in sculpting talent although her chosen expertise lies in large scale construction rather than small item crafting. However, Ezrii is still too much in awe of Kaylin to believe this, even if her sister has repeatedly admitted it to her.

Ezrii gets along well with all of her fathers, although she has no particular favorite. Ezrii’s sisters-in-law through her eldest brother Dorian’s mating are Firth and Gailia. Gailia is a glass sculptor who works as a shipwright for the Star Sisters’ Butterfly Starships, which Firth captains. It is a very prestigious mating, and the whole family is proud of Dorian. Despite her mothers trying to guide her into either the military or mercantilism, Ezrii has been drawn into her sister-in-law Gailia’s trade, and Ezrii has spent the last several years apprenticing under her. Kaylin also spent some time in training with Gailia, and displayed a real aptitude for it. However, while she enjoyed the crafting, she liked combat more and simply didn’t have the temperament to stay in one place in order to make it a career. After only a short time, she gave up that path to become a caravan guard for her Matra instead. That didn’t last long either, and she quickly left her mother’s employ to become a free ranging mercenary.

When Kaylin returned a year or so later, she brought back a bonanza of metal, and a unique skill. It seems that while exploring an ancient abandoned Drugar stronghold in the metal rich area around Thistledorf she stumbled upon some of their magical crafting formulas. She was able to use this information to adapt her own glass sculpting techniques to work on metal as well, an unprecedented technique among the Star Sisters. It’s not that it’s incredibly hard (it is in fact only moderately more difficult) it’s that with the scarcity of metal on Tuteck, there’s little opportunity to develop such skills and little demand for their use. So while Kaylin had little opportunity to use this new ability in the service of her people, it did gain her some notoriety. Ever the adoring big sister, Kaylin taught Ezrii the technique using her stash of metal. This has only served to increase Ezrii’s admiration for her big sister.

With the Star Sister’s entrance into the Black Sun Trading Company, this unique skill shared by Ezrii and her sister suddenly had a use. The Company is made up of an alliance of races, some of which have easy access to metal. The hull of the expeditionary craft is made up of a combination of glass and metal, making a Star Sister capable of working in both mediums an invaluable member of the engineering crew.

Do to her inexperience and lack of self-confidence, Ezrii believes she was recruited because her more capable sister Kaylin is off adventuring again, and unavailable. In reality, Ezrii was the first choice, as she has experience and training in working on starships and in groups, where as her sister is a loner whose expertise lies in small item, weapons, & armor crafting. Ezrii is just too shy to realize that she is every bit the sculpting prodigy that her sister is, and that she is in fact better suited to this mission. Her ship construction experience is far more useful than her sisters greater martial competence would be, and Ezrii’s no slouch in this area either even if she’s not her sister’s equal. If Kaylin were here, she tell her so herself. However, since she isn’t Ezrii will just have to gain the experience and self-confidence necessary to realize this herself.

Sister Ezrii

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